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  • RE: New switch

    Nice, can u dm me ur fc?

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  • RE: XD im an idiot

    These are the funniest comments from the thread: "Get comfortable to listen to whatever it was going to explain."
    "Everyone deserves the chance to be heard..."
    "Sun gave opportunistic right wing 'journalists' cherry picked internal information exclusively to bolster a right wing agenda beneficial to the sun itself."
    "Same. I'm a big fan of the sun. I've always considered it a big star."
    "Jokes on us, it screams like the sun off Rick and Morty."
    "The sun is estimated to be 4.5billion years old. It watched earth form out of debris floating in space. If it is sentient enough to want to explain anything I would definitely listen."
    "'look guys I know I give you sunburns sometimes and blind you while you are driving but I also provide all the energy for life to exist on your planet, can't we get past this silly feud?'"
    "Is he explaining why he put two scoops of raisins in every box of Kellogg's Raisin Bran?"
    "Me too. I'm certain the Sun has seen some s**t in its 4.6 billion years and is very wise." "It's going to lead to a heated argument."
    "Once upon a time, the people of Earth woke up to an alarming announcement on the radio. The sun, the great ball of fire in the sky, was going to "explain" something in 12 hours. People panicked, not knowing what to expect from this explanation. Some believed it was the end of the world, while others thought it was a joke. But as the hours ticked by, the townspeople couldn't shake off the feeling that something was truly amiss. As the clock struck noon, the sun began to speak. Its voice was deep and booming, and it echoed all across town. 'People of Earth, I have something to say," the sun boomed. "I have been watching you all and have come to the conclusion that you all are very bad at using sunscreen.' The Earthlings were confused and a little annoyed. Was that it? Was that the big explanation? They had prepared for the end of the world, and all they got was a lecture on sunscreen? Also, why was the sun speaking English? Did people that spoke other languages hear the Sun speaking in there language right now? But the sun wasn't finished. 'So, I have decided to take matters into my own hands. From now on, I will be providing free sunscreen to all citizens of Earth. Just look to the sky and hold out your arms, and I will take care of the rest.'The townspeople were amazed and grateful. They held out their arms to the sky, and sure enough, sunscreen rained down upon them. They laughed and cheered, feeling protected and grateful to the sun for its generosity. But as the day went on, the people of the Earth started to notice something strange. They began to develop rashes and sunburns, despite the sunscreen. It turns out, the sunscreen the sun provided was expired and ineffective. The moral of the story? Sometimes, even the brightest stars can make mistakes."
    "I would let it shed some light on anything on it's own."
    "Give the moon a chance to give its version of events before hearing out the sun."
    "Go to rehab because if I was anticipating the sun to speak to me in 12 hours I've been on drugs for to long."
    "Call them a facist and a bigot and tell them there not an expert so they can't have an opinion or explain that matter! Scream at them a bit and then just walk off."

    Ok thats all for now, hope u enjoyed that.

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  • XD im an idiot

    I mistyped explode on an r/AskReddit question and here's what happened XD: LMFAO i am an idiot

    EDIT: after a minute or two i logged into reddit i had 33 + notifs and a load of karma im just dying laughing at the comments XD

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  • RE: i think might have a virus on my computer

    Yep. U shouldve used an anti viral program that can warn u if theres a file/website that may/is containing a virus. i suggest deleting all the virus before it corrupts any files, and if it has corrupted any files, delete them before the virus becomes "untreatable"

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  • RE: My Birthday

    🎊 Happy birthday jared! πŸŽ‚ 🍰

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